Sunday, 14 April 2013

miss the old times


yeah can you tell me when was the last time I wrote something in this blog?

Oh hell yeah!!

So many things happened for the past few months. I am no longer a high school student. Done my BIG EXAMINATION last year. Managed to get the results with 'flying colours'. and bla bla bla

yeah the title of this post says everything!

I miss the old times where everyday I woke up early just because of school. Had a casual meeting early in the morning with friends and classmates before the learning session started. huaaahuua I must admit it, I am missing those things!

So many things I would like to tell you guys but it would be too long. but if you guys dont mind I am free to keep writing about it :)

I miss my tuition-mates because they are awesome. I miss my teachers, my school toilets, canteen, hall, and everything in the school except those juniors yang gedik nak mampus. ahaks! ( ok saje je )

So to those friends who are waiting to go to the universities or collages, how do you guys spend your free time? Did you guys spend it well or just let the day goes and goes?

Same question for me too. Did I spend my free time for four months wisely? I dont know. What I really know that I am working during the night for four hours,everynight, as a burger maker or cook. Then I'll sleep late at night and wake up in the middle of the day. And it keep happening day by day.

So the conclusion is I just cannot wait to further my study. Because being a student is the best thing that ever happened to me so far ( hope so ). I pray for you guys best of luck with whatever you are doing. love you guys! :D

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I have my own reasons....

Hello and Assalamualaikum peeps.

Yeah I have my own reasons why I should end our relationship ( you know, me with him )

Clearly, we never discuss about this since I made a decision to ignore all the messages that I got from him. I am so mean!

It is like I'm running from the 'PROBLEM' that I'm having right now. There is nothing wrong with our relationship. ( in people opinions ) but there is something wrong with our relationship. Either it was from him or me.

I remember the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted it happily. I was super excited. I smiled almost every second of that day because of too happy. We texted almost everyday. I sacrificed a little bit by buying a new celcom number so it would be a little cheaper when we're texting. I was the only one who started every conversation.

One day my celcom number was missing ( actually accidently thrown by my sister ) after I exchanged my phone to the maxis number ( yeah I had only one phone on that time ). I told him about it and my expectation he would not mind to change his number.So its kinda his turn. But unfortunately, he seemed not care about it. He kept with his business. I realized a little bit, does he really love me? okay maybe he had no money to buy a new one. It was okay for me.

After that little incident, we texted occasionally. A month later, means our first monthsary, I wished it to him. I said thanks for being nice throughout our relationship. And he said same much pretty things to me.

I thought he would remember our next monthsary. But he did not. So I wished again. You see, how is this relationship going to work if I were the one who started everything first?! For me it seems unfair! Every conversation we went to, he never asked me how am I doing and stuffs like that. I dont get it what did he wants form our relationship? I mean come on, does he feels good just because he has girlfriend ( on title ) meanwhile his girlfriend doesnt feel like she's being loved my him?!

To be honest, I am not a kinda girl who is very lovely and stuffs. you know what I'm saying right? What I'm trying to say here, I dont feel he appreciates the existence of me in his life. Sad isnt it? But that is the truth.

Dont get me wrong here. He is such a nice man, and I love to be his friend. but to be his girlfriend, I dont think so. I had made a very wrong decision by being his girlfriend. I love if we stand more to friend, not more than this. Well I guess we are not meant to be. I am not the right woman to be with him. I dont deserve to be with him..

As a Muslim, love to Allah is the priority. Love after marriage is more blessed. Thank you for spending your time on here. I rarely talk about our love relationship, so I guess this the end. Have a nice day :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I'm back!

wow It has been a long time since I havent write anything new in this blog! how are you doing readers?

Obviously, I was busy with SPM 'stuffs'. Ahak! I meant I was busy studying studying studying and making a very strong preparation for the BIG EXAMINATION. Alhamdulillah, 7 subjects were 'happily' finished and now I have 2 subjects left, Chemistry and Biology. Oh god give me strength!

Now its 12.54 in the morning. I am not sleeping yet. Yeah I know I should be studying right now instead of wasting time on the internet. sigh I know o_O but my brain just cannot focus on the thing named BOOK. hahahah! LOL just kidding!

yeah and starting from today, I will make myself little bit rajin la kan to keep updating my blog. hehe insya-Allah :)